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International Consultancy

In Russian and English language areas we work out solutions in cooperation with stakeholders. And we do not mind starting from scratch.

We are focussed on

Education and Vocational Training, Labour Market, E-governance and E-government, Digitalisation, Social Security, Infrastructure and Health

Our fields of activity comprise the following

Studies, Reports, Evaluations

We conduct fact-finding missions, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, needs assessments, training needs analyses, profitablity evaluations, sustainability considerations with care. Correspondingly we arrange and elaborate ex-ante or ex-post evaluations carefully (based on DAC criteria or specific client's request).

Information Systems

As short- or long-term consultants we support the implementation of operative and statistical applications for Internet and intranet. We provide data and work processes analysis, requirements specification, preparation of the tender documents and evaluation of the offers.

Education Projects, Accreditation, Certification

As learning process coaches (ISO 17024) and industrial trainers (AEVO) we have extensive experience of formal and informal education as well as accreditation and certification.
Internationally and regionally recognised standards rule didactics, methods and content, whether we conduct trainings of trainers, working process oriented training or internship programmes.
Curricula development and syllabi definitions for formal and informal training and education are further components of our portfolio.


As tender agents we provide support in conducting a plausibility check of the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the requested services and prepare all tender documents (including draft agreement and evaluation matrices), as well as assist in conducting the tender. We perform a sequential evaluation in accordance with the conditions of tender including a substantiated contract award proposal. We also provide support in contract negotiations, the communication with the bidding firms including replies to any queries, and conclusion of contract.

Project Assistance, Project Lead

We support suppliers and institutions pursuant to our "monitored responsibility" philosophy and accordingly assist and attend international teams effectively.
For software or hardware projects we perform requirements analysis, working process analysis, and needs assessment before we compile specification and tender documents.